WildCanoe Photography

Back to the future...

by Matthew Thompson 35mm b&w Film

Back to the future...

Wandering the Knoydart woods with visiting friends.

Brad along with his daughter and dog ‘Onyx’ came over for the weekend from Mallaig where they live. The intention been to have an ‘Analog’ weekend. No wifi or tv for Brad’s daughter, and no comfort blanket of a fully auto, stabilised camera system for Brad, just a late 1970’s Minolta XD-7 35mm film camera and fully manual system..!

Armed with a XD-7 apiece - Brad’s with a 28mm MD and mine with a 58mm MC lens; one 36 exp roll of Fomapan 400 ASA film each, we set off for a circuit of the woods. Taking recognised routes and also heading off-piste. The only rule was the whole roll of film must be used…

Dry and cold weather, with a few minor flurries of snow had left the ground semi-frozen. The woods were warm out of the wind, water was frozen in time and occasionally the sun peeked through a thin cloud layer.



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