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'Pushing' it...

by Matthew Thompson 35mm b&w Film

'Pushing' it...

An experiment in ‘pushing’ film.

Using a medium speed 400ASA film at a higher speed in the camera, in this case 1600ASA allows you to take pictures of fast moving subjects or in low light. More so than you can with the film at ‘box’ speed.

The play-off however is increased grain… The Fomapan film I have used here is already quite a grainy emulsion and most of what I read before hand was not to shoot it at speeds higher than 400..! So this was very much an experiment to see just how ‘grainy’ it would become.


Development of the negatives also has to take into account the in-camera under exposure by increasing the development time over ‘normal’. It seemed that the normal way to and from our house would be a good subject.

  • Camera/Lens: Minolta XD-7 / Tamron 28 - 80mm f1:3.5 - f1:4
  • Film: Fomapan 400 @ 1600 ASA
  • Dev: Ilford LC29 1:19 dilution 14 mins @ 20 deg’s

1/1000 sec f/16 - f/22



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